WATERCOLOR AND FRIENDSHIP, – watercolor, painting, sculpture and installation


–  watercolor, painting, sculpture and installation


Edsvik Konsthall Öst I & II


Opening:  Saturday June 29 at. 11:00 – 17:00.  Opening inauguration at 13:00

Exhibition period: 29 juni –18 august. Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 –17:00 (Mondays closed)

Entrance fee: 100 kr/adult, under 15 years free admission

Webbsite: www.edsvik.com


Summer exhibition at Edsvik Konsthall

Few artists demands a great technical skills than the watercolor itself. To be a real master in watercolor technique one must be sure with a quick hand to control over the light flow of the colors uncertain movements. During our exhibition “Watercolor and Friendship” Edsvik Konsthall presents a diverse kinds of watercolor paintings created by a selected international watercolorartist – who are have mastered the whole technique.

The summer exhibition at Edsvik Konsthall will be extraordinary this year. Different artistic techniques in art such as installations, sculptures and paintings in acrylic will be presented to complete the watercolor exhibition. A visit to the gallery will be an amazing experience.


Watercolor: Anders Wallin, Curt Hamne, Sara W Nelin, Stefan Gadnell, Stanislaw Zoladz, Björn Bernström, Terri Cao Yueying, Elena Bazanova, , Massimiliano Iocco

Friendship: Tomas Lacke, Sergio Silva, Anne-Lie Larsson Ljung, Cecilia Björsell, Salazar Luna, Woo Bock-Lee, Lennart Kaltea m.fl.